Blue / Grey Army Committees

Executive Director: Faye Bowling Warren 

Commanding General: Tony Buzzella

Arts & Crafts / Food / Kids Korner: Randy Sweet, Sandra Petit, Shantel Diggs, Vicki Sweet, Kurt Ruppert

Banners, & Brochures: Faye Bowling Warren
Battle of Olustee Descendants: Dr. Chris Esing
Battlefield Operations: Alan Bergman, Ann Brown, Nancy Crews, Patty Melgaard
By-Laws Revisions: Marlin Feagle, PA

Entertainment: Donald Johns, Jeanie Wilks, Matt Jones, Tony Buzella

Food Booths / Village: Dewitt Cason, Linda Odom, Patty Melgaard
Fun Run / 5K Run: Heyward Christie, Michelle Richards

Insurance / Permits / Special Events: Faye Bowling Warren
 Bud Thayer, Ken Hohmann, Lynn Nicely, Mike Null, Randy Sweet, Tom Brown

Lake Desoto Skirmish: Bud Thayer, Chris Lydick

Media / Public Relations: Mantha Young for Social Media 
Membership: Faye Bowling Warren
Merchandising (Battlefield): Ann Brown, Patty Melgaard
Miss Olustee Pageant: Elaine Owens
Museum Activities: Dr. Sean McMahon, Faye Bowling Warren, Paulette Lord, Harry Joiner, Kim Estergren

Oaklawn Cemetery Event: Faye Bowling Warren, Tony Buzella, Stephen Witt

Parade: Vacant – New chrm. to be announced
Parade Hospitality: Ginny Thayer
Park Operations City: Thomas Henry
Park Operations State / US: Elaine McGrath, Jim Ellis
Poster Distribution: Carol Dory, Richard Dory
Poster Artist: 
Poster: Faye Bowling Warren
Program: Ann Brown, Dr. Sean McMahon, Faye Bowling Warren

Re-enactor Food at Battlefield: Tracy Hillhouse, Paulette Lord
Re-enactors at Battlefield: Brad Crews
Re-enactor Liaison: Bud Thayer
Reviewing Stand: Paulette Lord, Thomas Henry, Kim Estergren

Sponsorship:  Faye Bowling Warren
Sponsor Reception:
 Faye Bowling Warren

Transportation Shuttle: Jay Swisher

Visiting Authors / Speakers: 

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